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Bonaire Affaire

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

We were still almost newlyweds. My husband had a habit of surprising me with a trip for our anniversary. I never really knew where we were going, and he made sure each trip was surprising and interesting in some way. For this anniversary, I think he threw a dart at the map and then had to look very closely to find the nearest tiny island. There weren't any direct flights to Bonaire back then from the states. We had to puddle hop - Dallas to Miami, Miami to Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico to Curacao then finally a very small plane over to Bonaire. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed coming down on the runway in Bonaire - where were all the palm trees and luscious green jungle I'd come to expect from a tropical island? At the time I didn't realize Bonaire was actually a desert island, but dipping below the surface of the clear waters the next morning, I realized that Bonaire was more lush than I ever could have imagined. And there you go, I was hooked.

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