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To Do on Bonaire

There's a reason its nickname is Diver's Paradise

We're divers, and for us Bonaire is all about the freedom of diving - anywhere, anytime, on no one's schedule but your own. There's shallow sites and deep sites and wrecks and fishy sites and breathtaking walls. One end is soft corals and the other is hard corals.  Boat dive, shore dive and the challenge to make five dives in a day. There's ostracod night dives and you never know what you will find from mantis shrimp to manta rays.  And on rare windless days or in a rib charging through the surf there's also the east coast diving for an entirely different experience.  But there is even more to experience on Bonaire!  

It's an active outdoor lovers dream come true.

Bonaire Panorama.png

Our Top 5 Favorite Dive Sites

(It's impossible to pick just 5)
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