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Welcome to our little slice of paradise, and the clear, achingly beautiful laman blou (blue sea) surrounding it. We named our home after that blue sea. The sea embodies the beauty and mystery of this world that we've been entrusted to care for. The sea inspires us, makes us pause for a moment and pay attention. Every time I stare out across its surface or dip below, I'm amazed and realize how small indeed we are, and that's a good thing to be reminded of. It reminds me to be thankful.

Our apartment is finally finished and we can't wait to share it with you!

Bon Bini!!

Would you like to book your stay with us?  We rent by the week and if you book directly, we offer a discounted rate of $125 per night.  Just fill in the contact info below!


“Bon Bini, Make Yourself at Home!"
Holli & David,
Kas di LamanBlu
Bon Bini na Kas LamanBlu
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